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more than just a Medium, I am a Psychic, that means I was naturally born with the gift of  7 “Clairs”, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Clairtangency (Psychometry), Clairgustance (taste)and Channeling. I access the “blueprint” of your soul.

Angel/Oracle Card Readings are a way to connect with the beings that are all around us but that we do not necessarily sense or perceive in our everyday lives. These include angels, spirit guides, and loved ones who have passed. It is believed that all of us have angels and spirit guides and that they can be a positive guiding force in our lives, if we find a way to make the connection. This is the role of angel readings and angel card readings.

Angel/Oracle readings are typically very positive and inspiring, and aim to give you information for your highest good.
Angel /Oracle card decks are different from my Tarot card Readings in that there is no standard deck or standard set of symbols used for an angel card reading. Each card typically has an image and a message. The image may depict a specific angel and the message may speak to any area of your life, from money to fitness to romance to family, and so on. Or the message may relate to different emotions like love, anger, trust, or doubt that you may be experiencing

Distance is Never an Issue

I can work with you from anywhere. My unique gifts allow me to tap in to your energy field whether you are sitting right in front of me or you are half way around the world.

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You said ” take this for what you believe, If this isn’t something you believe in that’s ok, this can be just for fun” I was so closed off based on some losses that had occurred that I wasn’t sure which way this reading was going to go. I’ll never forget that night.

To this day, your gift amazes me. You have continued to help me at my darkest hours and my proudest moments. Now that we have become so close you still are able to read me and that is a true testimony of what you are able to do.


Meg Zumbach

I met Deborah over 3 years ago and we instantly connected. Deborah is one of the most generous, caring, amazing people I’ve ever met. Her reading brought me to tears, it was one of the most powerful experiences I ever had. I felt an instant sense of relief, purpose, and found the drive to continue where I wanted to give up before. Deborah really changed my life.. Thank you Deborah!

~Katie McBrien

She came into my life at a time of uncertainty and her insight and humor brought me peace and comfort.  Over the years, she has had the opportunity to watch me blossom into the woman she foresaw I would be.  What an amazing and precious gift to have…what a God send she is to me.

With love,

~Kameshia Gant

 I met Deborah years ago soon after the passing of my mother. Words cannot express the comfort and healing that came with that first reading and many that followed. I have continued to see Deborah throughout the years. She brings me comfort, a sense of peace and hope. She has a gift and is a blessing to have in one’s life. Words cannot express my gratitude for giving me that connection I miss so much with my mom. Thank you, Deborah!




Amplifying the gifts you already have and defining the other gifts you haven't tapped into yet!

Coming 2024

Spiritual Classes

Education and Historical basis of Psychic Development, Mediumship and Shamanism.

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For the Advanced Practitioners with exploration of Plant Medicine and Facilitators.

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