Metro Detroit Celebrity Psychic/Intuitive Medium, Shamanic Practitioner, Ordained Minister, Teacher/Counselor and Author

I am the “Motown Medium” my known popularity has landed me not only as a “Celebrity Reader to Hollywood Stars", but also a contract with the award winning Oxygen Network NBC Universal for “Motown Medium” reality show. In hindsight, I’m just your local mystical hometown girl who’s down to earth, internationally known and from the streets of Detroit, Michigan.

As a gifted Medium (A Voice for Spirit), I act as a conduit to help you reconnect with your loved ones who have crossed over into spirit form.  Your deceased loved ones intentions are to let you know they have made the journey to spirit and want to communicate their true essence and love to you.  This connection can be a tremendous source of healing for you and the love one that has crossed over.  My worldwide audience readings allow for you to experience me (my gifts) and the unique opportunity to witness profound validations of spirit communications from deceased love ones.

I am more than just a Medium, I am a Psychic, that means I was naturally born with the gift of  7 “Clairs”, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Clairtangency (Psychometry), Clairgustance (taste) and Channeling. I access the “blueprint” of your soul.  My connection to God, allows me to channel my Angels and Spirit Guides, which gives me a great degree of accuracy (timing), I will channel important information for your Life’s Purpose in a gentle, loving, and healing manner so that you can live your Best Life.

Before landing a Contract with the Oxygen Network NBC Universal, I’ve been very grateful and truly blessed to have been a guest on the popular, local TV show “Out of the Ordinary….Into the Extraordinary” and numerous popular radios shows, including “Dr. Sarah” with Sarah Brostsky, these interviews led to my own radio show “A Voice for Spirit” with Mind, Body and Spirit Communications,LLC.  I’ve been interviewed by well known and popular extraordinaries, Theresa Reed “The Tarot Lady”, and I’ve been featured in one of New York’s popular amazing HoneySuckle Magazine etc.

I am truly grateful to my clients, who have all become “family”.  I am grateful to God, for their beautiful souls, words cannot explain the joy and happiness, I get living not only my soul’s passion, but my true genuine Soul’s Purpose. My goal for everyone I encounter is to give them peace and a healing to further their souls blueprint so that we all can heal every life form we touch.

If you are interested in a reading with me, please know that sometimes  I’m booked out three months, at a time.  I am truly honored and grateful that you would consider a reading with me and I can’t wait to meet you