Psychic Tarot Reading and Lenormand



Tarot cards date back to 15th-century Europe, when they were mostly used for game playing. It was in the 18th and 19th centuries that psychic tarot readings for divination, or future telling, became popular.

A tarot and/or lenormand reading centers around a deck of cards with specific drawings and symbols. A tarot reading uses the cards to uncover patterns, energies, and trends that can help interpret your present situation and predict future occurrences. A tarot reading consist of a common deck that in modern times that contains 78 cards, of which 22 are called major arcana and 56 are called minor arcana. Lenormand cards consist of 36 cards.

During a psychic tarot and/or lenormand reading, I lay the cards out in one of a number of different arrays, or spreads, depending on the question you ask and the way I feel would be most revealing. The cards that appear and the order in which they are arrayed enable me to shed light on your situation and answer your questions.