I’ve had several sessions with Deborah.  If it hadn’t been for Deborah’s advice, I would not be living the wonderful life I have now.  I’m soooo appreciative that she was honest and persistent with me and told me I needed to go thru with the divorce from my ex-husband in order for the both of us to grow.  Something clicked that day when she said those words.  She also kept telling me that there was a man that was kind hearted and honest on his way into my life and she couldn’t have been more right!  I’m now married 4 years later to this incredible man and he’s everything I had wished and hoped for after the painful, excruciating divorce.  She even described him as already in my life and physically described him to me.  She was so right!  Had I not have moved on from my first husband I would have never experienced all the wonderful an honest, loving, and respectful relationship is.  I couldn’t be happier!  And I couldn’t be more thankful for Deborah’s patience, advice, guidance and her just knowing things and giving me the ability to trust in that and her.

On another note, during our sessions she often had my dad come thru to give me messages and again so right on!  She would say things exactly how he said them when he was living.  He had a very distinct way of saying things.  Great experience to know he is still looking over me and my family!

Thank you Deborah for everything!!!

~ Tina (Palumbo) Vandekerckhove

I was introduced to Deb through a family member.  Bragging about Deb this and Deb that, is an understatement.  My cousin keep saying  Girrllllll.  Deborah can tell you some stuff.   Stuff again is putting it mildly.

In that original discussion, I must have had the most dumb founded look on my face.  Like girl how you know, and I had to laugh.   I so dislike when people can read beyond my security screen.  Changes in my life.   After my first private reading.  My reading party where all my family was read. After my son was read when he was in town.  Things had taken a different turn for me, after reading number one.  Like those of us with tattoo’s, I was hooked.

Now let me clarify.  My reasoning for my initial reading was for CLARITY on a few things.  It was like having questions answered before they were asked.  Hell it was having my questions clarified before I had even asked the question.

Did your Grandma tell you to listen to the voice whispering in your ear.  Well here she is in the flesh.

What I learned and is most valuable to me  is a better acceptance of what I now know and understand about Me and my path to richness.

How has this assisted me you might ask.  Understanding and Believing in the creation of my life path.

Goodness flows effortlessly to me at all times.  Is how I start each and every day.  Ending my day Thankful and Grateful for what the day has given.

This most definitely was not who I was before my encounter with Psychic Medium Deborah Smith

~Verdell Price

Deborah came into my life many years ago after a recommendation from a friend.  She was my first “psychic” experience even though I had wanted to try for many years. The first reading I had gave me chills.  It was so specific about exactly what was happening in my life that I’ve been seeing her at least 1-2 times a year ever since.  Every experience with her is new, different and fitting for my life in that moment.  We have laughed and cried together.

Deborah is a healer. She has a way of sharing information with you in a comforting and supportive way.  I describe sessions with her as more of a counseling session- only the counselor sees it all and tells you exactly what to do with it.

Deborah is a gift to all who encounter her.  She is a gift I have given to my friends and family through home parties or private readings.  People are always amazed and feel enlightened when they are done with her.

Finally, Deborah has strengthened my belief in God and our angels.   She gives a perspective and a truth unavailable through traditional religious teachings.  I always had so much doubt about my prayers before, if I was saying them right or if I was praying about the wrong thing.  Through Deborah I now know that the simple dialogue I have in my head is being listened to and answered.  Since seeing Deborah I am more inspired to attend mass and feel the energy around me.

I love Deborah and pray for her that she continues to be able to share her gifts with the world while maintaining that beautiful personality and heart.

~Kate S.

I did not believe in psychics until I encountered Deb, she is a truly gifted woman who never ceases to amaze me. I have had multiple readings with Deb, each with growing accuracy. Deb provides you with specific scenarios in your life by just reading your energy, she will point you in the right direction and even give you dates. She has correctly predicted things for me as far as relationships and career. When asking her opinion on work, she told me that I’d have multiple job offers, the exact date I would start, what type of job setting it would be, she even said that I would know someone in the company and how I would feel after and adjust to the new job. As the days pass I see more and more of what she told me come to fruition. Deb will give you her undivided attention and she will not lead you astray, she truly loves what she does and it shows, she develops a deep bond with her clients and truly cares about their well being. I highly recommend her!

~Enida Huremovic


I am forever blessed that God has led such a beautiful soul like yours into my life. You have a way of touching those around you in ways that many others can’t. You have such a welcoming, gentle, easy-going spirit that makes it easy for those around you to open up and be comfortable. Going to you is more than just a “psychic” reading, it is a spiritual awakening, each and every time.  Thinking back to our first encounter, I was lost, broken, & lacked self love. I was struggling inside heavily, and it felt as no one could truly understand or cared to know what was really going on beneath the “mask” that I would put on every, single day. The moment I had spoken to you, though, I knew right then, that you were different. It was for once that I didn’t need to speak & say anything for someone to TRULY understand me & to know what I was going through. With you, I never have to explain or express myself that much because you just get it. You truly have a way of knowing exactly what goes on within a person. I haven’t looked back ever since meeting you. Your readings are always so accurate and on point, hitting the nail each and every time. You have given me so much clarity and much more than I can ever ask for. I always walk away from our readings feeling like a brand new person that can take on anything that comes in her way. Today, I am a totally different person because of you. You helped shaped me into a stronger, better version of myself, and because of that, I’ve grown so much as a woman. Compared to our first reading to our many other’s since then, there have been so many changes, & I still can’t even believe that the woman I am today is no longer the woman you first came to know. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for everything. Thank you for being there through my constant, annoying moments, to the crying & the laughters, & to the tough, hard talks that I’ve needed to hear from you.

You are the most kindest, amazing, beautiful, person that I have ever came to known, and I’m so glad I am able to be apart of this journey with you.

~Lexus Kue

We can never thank you enough for what you do. I wish we could! It would take a lifetime, but thank you from the bottom of my heart times a million!  You brought so much peace into our lives and you helped us to make major decisions that we didn’t even know we were ready to make.  You gave us the courage to leave an area that we thought we would live in forever, without even telling us exactly what to do.  But yet it was no good for us and deep down I knew it, but it is so much easier to stay then to go sometimes.  For some reason though, after we had our reading with you, I instinctively  knew that it was time to go! But it was YOU that gave me that courage that I never had before!  And it was one of the very best decisions we ever made in our lives!  A life changing decision in the best possible way. You are one of the most gifted people I know.  It isn’t just your gifts that are beyond amazing, but it is your kindness, humor, compassion, sincerity, decency, care and the list goes on that adds to your beautiful gift of YOU.

When we made an emergency call to you about that dreaded house we were trying to sell and move out of, you reassured us that all would be well. We we so desperate and that was the only reason we called! Once again you brought us so much peace.  For sure, it was and then some! We sold our house for a record in our area. Thank you so very much for that too! I just knew something was not right in that house and you helped me figure out what it was.  What you do just brings peace and that is a most magnificent thing in the world.  All of our experiences with you have been priceless and unforgettable!

I believe you help us find ways to help ourselves and find our own gifts.  I only hold ME accountable for me.  But the information you have provided has truly helped us in so many ways!!! But it was up to me to live my life and figure it out and make it work and that is what you also taught me without even saying it word for word.  It is almost difficult to truly put the feelings into words.  I am trying, but the words don’t do the feelings justice.  I would tell anyone who will listen that is in a difficult area of their life or struggling to go see you! Or even if that are just at a crossroads and need to check in. I am so grateful to God that he made me open to everything in life.  It is one of the reasons I seek that kind of help when nothing else makes sense or seems to work.  It was the only thing to really gave me any kind of peace, that was it! I would not trade that experience for anything, so very thankful and grateful that God puts “earth angels” in your path.  You are definitely one of them for us and I cherish you and what you do! I will always be thankful to God and to you for my extraordinary experience.  We don’t just see you as a gifted professional, but you are family to us.  We truly are connected now forever and we will always be here for you too! We love you so much and are unbelievably grateful and thankful that we were lucky enough to find you, know you, and call you a friend/family. You have been so good to us and we will never forget it.  I would write a million testimonies, because it so true and straight from my heart.  I write this to help anyone else that was where we were.  Peace is priceless and there is no greater gift in this world than that. Deborah, you brought us so much of that, it is unbelievable!  I have been through some very very hard and painful life lessons, but God does not make you go through it alone.  I am so beyond grateful I was so open and ready to receive it.  Thank you Deborah, my most amazing sister, earth angel and friend.  You are true gift on this earth and I know how much good you do in this world! We need you more than ever, but we appreciate you beyond words. We love you so much!

Thank you for everything you do and all that you are!  You are magnificent!

God Bless you today and always!

Love, Julie, Anthony & Evan Weinert

~ Julie D. Weinert

Words are never enough for the gratitude I have for Deb, she is truly Godsent. I love her intuitive readings above all else. Not only is she spot on with her readings, her warm and friendly personality makes it that much more comfortable. Her guidance is therapeutic and it has given me the confidence to proceed further in my divine destiny for that I’m forever grateful to her. Thru her readings I have managed to regain a sense of self and I look forward to many more readings with her. She’s an absolute delight!!



I am not sure where to start. I first learned about you from our mutual friend who swore up and down that your gift was amazing. We knew about each other but it wasn’t until I actually sat down with you in September 2015 did I experience your awesomeness.

Your honesty was amazing that night. You said ” take this for what you believe, If this isn’t something you believe in that’s ok, this can be just for fun” I was so closed off based on some losses that had occurred that I wasn’t sure which way this reading was going to go. I’ll never forget that night. Or any other time we have been together in readings since then. So many real things happened and you really didn’t know me that night. People from my past came in, you saw my future and you comforted me on the losses. You told me that my youngest fur child who left us was still there and well quite frankly no one knew that I put her bowl up. She begged you to tell me to put it back down.

To this day, your gift amazes me. You have continued to help me at my darkest hours and my proudest moments. Now that we have become so close you still are able to read me and that is a true testimony of what you are able to do.


~ Meg Zumbach 

I met Deborah over 3 years ago and we instantly connected. Deborah is one of the most generous, caring, amazing people I’ve ever met. A little over six months ago I was going through a really rough period in one of my closest relationships and feeling incredibly unsure. I couldn’t function, i couldn’t think about anything else. I booked a reading with Deborah. I am not going to lie I was a little worried about what she would think of me and the situation I got myself into. Deborah’s reading was honest & compassionate. She did not judge me and immediately started telling me what she was getting. She not only answered every question I had but answered some that I was too scared to ask and some I didn’t even realize i should ask. Deborah touched not only on this relationship but also my career as she felt this was a major factor in what was hindering my relationship. Her reading brought me to tears, it was one of the most powerful experiences I ever had. I felt an instant sense of relief, purpose, and found the drive to continue where I wanted to give up before. Deborah really changed my life.. Thank you Deborah!

~Katie McBrien

She came into my life at a time of uncertainty and her insight and humor brought me peace and comfort.  Over the years, she has had the opportunity to watch me blossom into the woman she foresaw I would be.  What an amazing and precious gift to have…what a God send she is to me.

With love,

~Kameshia Gant

WOW where do I start ? I was an absolute mess when I first met Deb . My first meeting I was so skeptical , I had lost my son from a car pedestrian accident. This tore my world apart I didn’t know where I was going or what I was doing . All I knew is I had to protect my daughters with everything I had. So meeting with Deb she instantly connected with my son , this women was a complete stranger who didn’t know anything about myself. She told me everything about him she knew his funny humor, his whole attitude. it was my son to a tea . You can’t make this stuff up ! This women is so amazing ! Everything she has told me was right on key . I walked out of my session a new person (or the person I was before losing my baby) he connects with her so easily every time . I know he loves her just like I do. Deb has brought me peace and comfort in my life she brought me words from my son! That I never thought I would hear again. She gave me life again instead of living in a shell blocking myself from this world, I can breathe again. I can laugh and it’s okay because my son told me too thru Deb !! I will always remember what she has done for me. I will never forget my baby the pain I live with every day . Deb just made it easier to keep going ! I can’t thank her enough !! Much love

~Kelly Stevens

I met Deborah years ago soon after the passing of my mother. I heard of Deborah through a friend that had a reading where my mother came through to give me a message. I made an appointment with Deborah soon after to make a connection with my mother during my own reading. Words cannot express the comfort and healing that came with that first reading and many that followed. I have continued to see Deborah throughout the years. She brings me comfort, a sense of peace and hope. She has a gift and is a blessing to have in one’s life. Words cannot express my gratitude for giving me that connection I miss so much with my mom. Thank you, Deborah!



I had never met Deborah when I made an appointment with her, but had been told she was “the real deal”. The minute I entered the room she said my mother wanted to talk to me, and she proceeded to tell me about the relatives that were with my mother, and she told me things my mother said to her, that she had absolutely no way other way of knowing. It was amazing and emotional. She then went on to say that “you have all the clairs”, and you should be reading me instead of me reading you! We discussed her thoughts on that subject, and she also received some insight from my mother on things that had happened in my childhood. I knew things, with no explanation of how I knew.  I am ever so grateful to Deborah for opening my eyes to something that has happened to me for years, but I had no idea how or why it happened! She has given me the knowledge to be able to accept when I seem to know something, and not to fret over OMG, why did that just happen, how did I know that! There is no doubt in my mind that Deborah is truly gifted, and what she says should be believed. I look forward to my next visit with her!

~Janet Silk-Port Huron MI

I was referred to Deborah by a friend about three years ago. I was moving from Michigan to California. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting to get out of our session, but was hoping for some clarification that I was making the right move. What I never expected to get was the close friendship that we have developed. Our first session she made me feel so comfortable and put my heart and mind at ease. I took notes and during my first few months in California I looked back and what we talked about was starting to happen. I came back to Michigan a few months later and made another session and again I felt a sense of calmness in my life. As the years passed we have done numerous phone sessions and when I come out there I always make sure to schedule an appointment . Deborah has always been there when times are tough, when times are good and when I’m confused. She always makes me listen to my heart and has helped me see that what I put out in the universe circles back to my reality. She has made me change my way of thinking and made me a more positive person. I have gained a friend and confidant that I will forever be grateful for. Thank you, Deborah for all you do! xoxo

~Anna Nicholas

“Deb has a beautiful gift. She does not sugar coat anything but was is real as can be. Telling me things she knew I might not want to hear knowing I needed to hear them. She did a Twin Flames soul retrieval for me and my twin together and it was amazing the information she found and shared.”

~Heather Puzan


Wow! Let just say that I truly don't know what I would be able to do with out!  Really.

I still remember meeting you at our very first secession.  I was a skeptic of psychics. Yes, I was that person who walked in, sat down and stared at you with a cold straight face. I remember sitting  with my legs crossed and on my hands in order to not give you any ‘hints’ or body language movements to help you ‘read me,’ as other skeptics have called it.  But I walked out of that room changed and so thankful for you!

At that time in my life, I was struggling with the usual financial, family and relationship issues we all seem to go through.  I thought it was all normal, nothing to big too handle… But the thing is with me, is inside me, the only thing that was really wrong was that I am highly sensitive and I tend to over think EVERY LITTLE THING, no matter how small and that alone was making me emotionally and physically sick.  Ugh.  Seeing you that first secession, I walked out feeling so much better. I felt lighter as though huge weights were lifted from me.  You knew things that I NEVER told another soul! I immediately felt so comfortable, relaxed and at ease with you.

As time went on after that first secession, things in my life started to get way more stressing, and it wasn’t just me over thinking at this time.  Whenever my insides got to the point of feeling like constant knots that I couldn’t stand, I would go and see you.  You always knew what was going on.  You would give me dates or time frames of when things would seem to be getting worse but you would remind me to relax, because it’s all playing out the way it should.  You told me things to dodge and certain things to look for to help me ma over through things that were coming up in my life, that would have probably crippled me…but because of your help, it didn’t.

You are my therapy.  If I didn’t have you, I would be in debt because of therapy…and I am being serious. So many times I have thought about professional therapy but when I see you, I get so much more!  I get a true listened, spiritual guidance, clarity, no more knots in my stomach, peace of mind, and most importantly…I get an amazing friend!  You are never counting down the clock, {even though I’m kinda nuts, I wouldn’t blame you.  We have talked and laughed so much in our secessions; from me trying to steal the ‘good’ tariot cards and hide them down my shirt, or wanting to flip your table because I’m telling an intense story! Haha.

There are so many painful things you have helped me through, that I don’t think you will ever realize how much you really did for me!  You have not only calmed me down, but also my spirit.  You’ve woken me up to so many things, better things, I didn’t think I would ever see.  You show me possibilities.  You help prepare me.  You inspire me. You guide me.  And with where I was at in life, I full heartedly don’t know where I would be today if it weren’t for you!  And that’s the truth!

I love you so much, Deborah!

Thank you for all you have done for me. X0x0

~Kristen Villerot

Hello Deborah!

You are truly amazing and I hope whatever is in store for you is beyond your wildest dreams! below is a small fraction of how much you have helped me. I cannot wait to see you again! maybe Jo and I will come in together soon for a meditation!

I came to Deborah after the most intense and craziest period of my life. I felt emotionally and creatively lost. I was nervous to see Deborah, but she immediately made me feel comfortable. She has a real gift and will be absolutely REAL with you. none of that generic life advice, Deborah can really uncover issues that will help you move forward. She helped me see a behavior I was having problems with that was not just hurting my relationship, but the bright future she saw us having. Since then I have eradicated the issue and my relationship really and truly took off after that. What Deborah gave me was a real chance at a happy life. It’s up to you to take her advice, but her advice is SOLID. Multiple of her predictions have manifested, some I was pretty shocked about. I would absolutely recommend Deborah to anyone! even if you don’t think you need to meet her, trust me- you do. On top of her amazing gifts, she absolutely cares about her clients. I don’t know how she has so much love in her, but she does. Deborah is the real deal, and I am so lucky to be one of her clients.

Best of wishes Deborah!!!  Sending you so much love! 


~Liz Wittman


I am so thankful that God placed u in my path.. Every time i see you its not just a reading..its a therapy session for me..i leave you feeling so much better about myself and life in general.. Im so glad that i met so grateful to God for u..u dont treat me like a client..u treat me like a family member and i think thats what i love the most about our sessions. Its hard to explain to people that i go see a medium because the world /people are so closed off.. So i say “im going to a therapy session” which is true because i leave u feeling like a new human being..i not only appreciate u..i love u very much..u are an inspiration and u are 100% accurate in every reading that ive had..i remember a session i said to myself that I wasn't gonna say much just let u do your thing and 10 min. Into to the session u laid down all of what i had been feeling and i knew that you were the absolute real see things b4 they happen and im a witness..EVERY FUCKING THING YOU TOLD ME HAPPENED..EVERY TIME.. and now im about to make n u Deborah J. Smith

-Love Peace

Everything single thing she told me has happened. Literally it’s freaking amazing.

~Jenna Buffa

Each session I’ve had has been enlightening on many levels. I’ve gain a better sense of self and coming to understand the importance of patience in life. I can honestly say everything you’ve advised me of has been on point! I’ve learn how amazing you actually are by really listening to the things you say. The ability to be able to record your session are vital because often I realize after listen again I have a clearer understanding. Plus I’m so happy to see you it’s more like girlfriends coming together and the things you’ve shared with me during session I’ve forgot all to quickly from excitement

~Edwina Wesley

I was really skeptical before the first time we met, like I was ready to call bullshit on the whole thing! Then you said something about a gentleman that was with me and you described him to a T, my great uncle that had passed away nearly 30 years ago…that jarred me a little. Then when you said you keep seeing the same little boy with me as you did Bianca, but we never indicated we were together, that started to sway me. But what really woke me up was when you said that I would be contacted by a former employer about coming back….we left the reading and went to Vinsetta Garage where I ran into a guy that I had worked with a few years earlier. He said that someone was leaving and that I should give her a call. When he said that I nearly spit my beer out. I was convinced at that point! Since that first reading 6 years ago, you’ve hit on so many things that have enlightened me and enriched my journey in this life. Your mannerisms and warmth is what really keep us coming back!

~Dave Sarns

I didn’t know what to expect the first time I seen Deborah J. Smith. My son and I went to see Debra after my mom passed. My son had cleaned the freezer out a week prior to seeing Deb. Deb did not know that. My mom was frugal, didn’t waste a thing. When Deb told us my mom said my son threw out seasonings that were still good, it made the hair on my arms stand up. That’s when I knew Debra is the real deal!  I see her periodically now. I always feel great after seeing her. I love her!

~Kelly Jo Johns-Coppinger

The first time I seen you, you said I was going to have twins and I got pregnant the very next month with twins... the last time we talked you said some things that have not happened yet because you said they would happen more towards the end of the year. So we can revisit this question on December, because I have some things in the works?

~Melissa Stewart Sheppard

Everything that you say is always on point. From the messages you delivered to me from my grandparents and just knowing things. A blessing to know you! <3

~Kyla Flame

“In 2012 or 2013, I saw Deb for a reading. I had seen other mediums before, and had good experiences as I connected with loved ones. However, this time was different. Deb had connected with my grandfather, who I have connected with before, but this was on a different level. After first providing undeniable validations about him, she began to describe how I had been receiving “song messages” while driving in my car… this had been going on for over 2 years, but I wasn’t sure exactly what was happening, and hadn’t talked about it with anyone. So when Deb mentioned it, I started crying –a first for me in a reading! Suddenly, I knew that spirit was with me, not just in that reading but all the time! That was life changing for me! It reawakened my desire for spirituality on my life, which had been missing for years. From that experience, I found a spiritualist church, where I later took classes in mediumship development even though I had never experienced anything with spirit directly before. I was surprised to learn that with dedication, I could develop the skills to connect with spirit myself and have since given messages at local churches and events. And it all started with this lady here… thanks Deb.”

~Lisa Grabowski Haysmer

My first reading with Deborah I was totally blown away!  I immediately booked a group reading with her with family and friends.  It was amazing as expected.  We all left feeling very content and with a happy feeling in our hearts!   I have since had a few gatherings with friends with Deborah and not only is she always spot on with her readings she’s also an absolute wonderful person who I have enjoyed getting to know!  Can’t wait to see her again soon!

~Suzanne Pettey Parrish

Deb, you have changed my life in so many ways. Through you I was able to tell my dad how much I loved him, because I didn’t get the chance to do that when he was alive. You have helped me through some tough times, and everything you have told me has come to pass! You are my guardian Angel! Don’t know what I’d do without you!

~Lynn Lawrence

I visited Deborah J Smith five years ago.  She told me that I’d have another child and that she’d be a curious wonder. My husband and I had an appointment for a vasectomy that same month. I swore to her that it just want possible. Needless to say circumstances prevented that procedure and even on birth control 14 months later I conceived.  My daughter turns four this August 16th.  She is curious and definitely keeps us on our toes!!!

~Cherie David

Dear DS,

My experience with our session was a few years ago, however I remember almost every single detail as though it was yesterday. You said that when I opened my own business that it would be a success right from the start, and it was. You said that I would create an event in my life the result of which I would not like, but that it would give me the chance to re-create myself in a new light and that I would come out of it a much happier and stronger person. Well it happened, and now I am in the process of that recreation as we speak. You also said that I would get closer to my two sons as they got older, and that has also happened. Your wisdom and clairvoyance has been immeasurable and apart from being my psychic, you have also become my confidant, and my friend.

~Dominic Papillo

Deborah you are the absolute best!!! Words cannot completely express what you have done to help me through my Life’s Path. You have helped to validate experiences that I have had with my mother that no one else would have known about. You have helped me reconnect to my mom and that is such an awesome gift!!! You been such a great help in my spiritual journey…I feel like you completely understand what I am going through. Each time I see you, I feel stronger in my spirituality and at peace. Love you!!!!

~Heather Stewart Bouchard



It has been a pleasure to have known you for the past 2 years now. I not only come to for guidance, but to tell you what’s going on in life. I can honestly say I see you as a friend of my own and always look forward to visiting you. When I get a reading, it is amazing how spot on you can be about things. You have been blessed with a wonderful gift and I truly believe you are changing lives. Thank you for all that you do and listening to me go off on my crazy tangents. I would not be where I am today without you.

~Love, Becca


A friend referred me to you and we met back in January and I have to say you are the most amazing and memorable person that I’ve met this year so far. Even though I did’t always listen to you (I’m stubborn) you were the most accurate with everything you told me. I recorded all of our sessions and I listen to them often to remind me of your awesomeness.  You are also a great friend and so loving and caring. You not only have a gift, you are a gift. Thank you for coming into my life. Love you and miss you soooo much.

~XOXO Michelle


Dear Deborah,

I feel very privileged to be able to write about someone of your caliber. To meet you is to embrace love. You are adorned with a spirituality that is all encompassing and non-judgmental. I have never felt so accepted and welcome by anyone. You wear a crown of humility, never taking credit for your gifts….always acknowledging spirit as your mentor. Debra, you have been a true blessing to my family and have navigated me through the dark tunnels of life. Without your guidance I shudder to think of the traps I might have fallen into. Debra I thank you…You have helped my youngest daughter blossom into the accomplished young woman she is today. During our last meeting you stated that I would ace my courses in school…this is now a reality! With gratitude and respect I give you many thanks and honor the person that you are.

~Maria Cunningham


Deborah words cannot express the gift you gave me with your reading. Not only did you bridge the gap so that my mother could *talk* to me, (more like lecture; laughs) but also restored my faith on so many levels… in others, humanity and in myself. It was speaking with you and your insight that has given me hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, especially with how dark my journey has been and how heavy the burdens have been to bear. You are walking goodness, light and love. Just sitting in your presence made me feel like a better person. Blessings and Love.

~Zuba Libre


This is my testimonial: You are truly fabulous! I love coming to see you because you give me hope! I feel so much love when I come to you for readings! I never feel like just another customer, you treat me like family! The things you’ve said have been spot on for me, and I always trust in what you say. I am thankful for YOU!



Deb’s gifts as a spiritual medium are the kind that you could only hope to encounter in your lifetime. It is obvious that she is remarkably tapped in to the spirit world, but more than that, her heart, soul and intention are just what one needs to be supported through their spiritual journey. Her nature is honest, wise, real, and humorous. You can trust her because the filter in which she speaks through is that of love and compassionate guidance. Don’t get me wrong, she will tell you exactly what’s up, in the kind of way that we all expect our closest people to do with us to help us grow. She doesn’t sugar coat, beat around the bush, or pretend that everything is golden. She will push you to be your best self, and a half hour in her presence is so very valuable, and will carry you through your life with greater ease and a stronger sense of purpose. Deb is present, aware, and humble. I feel blessed to know her, and am forever committed to her as a client and friend. unlimited love and appreciation.

~Halley Miglietta


My name is Sarah Gates. I turned 28 years old today and I am Stephanie’s younger sister. I’ve never written an impact statement, so please bear with me. I would love to read my statement in this courtroom today, however due to unforeseen circumstances I am having “Mr. B” read this statement on my behalf. I’m confident he will not end up immersed in tears as I would have. My life has been on hold ever since my mother and grandmother called to tell me that my sister was found. From their sobbing, I knew it was not good news. My sister was smart and had a lot of resources. But murdered? Dragged, dumped, and covered in gravel? But Stephanie isn’t worthless, how could anyone do that? Stephanie has been and always will be the strongest person I have ever known. It’s still difficult to imagine my world without her. I was a full-time student, consecutively on the President’s list. Because of her death, I left Florida without fully completing the fall semester. I was petrified to even leave for Michigan; it would make this horrific loss just a bit more real. And I did not want to be pushed into reality, not like this. I was in Michigan for about three months living with my mother, but this time at my grandma’s house. I was set to start my spring classes in January and would have recently received my Associate’s degree. However, I had to take some time off. There would be no way I’d be able to focus on school. My mind is constantly consumed by the memories of Stephanie, and the last time we were together. Unfortunately, this memory took place at the funeral home. It was after her hair was washed, yet before any make-up was applied. My mother opened the door to the room Stephanie occupied, and all I could do was just stand there. The first thing I noticed was her thick blonde hair. It was hard not to. It was like the table she was laying on had an extendable tray for her head and another just for her hair. She was far away from the doorway that I stood in, but I knew it was her. Her hair. Her face, which was just about a shade or two darker from the bright white sheet that covered her, and how her white sheet was perfectly symmetrical, only concealing a small portion of the silver legs on her table. I was hesitant, terrified, and very weak as I approached her. When I was next to my Stephanie, I touched her arm with mine. And then, I just stared and tried to breathe. I couldn’t take my eyes off her face. Swollen, covered in bruises, with a hole in her cheek and in the back of her head, a stitched up eye from where a bullet exited, and that was all I could take. I was so scared, yet, hopeful too. All I wanted her to do was just wake up, open her eyes, and hope this was not real. It was so hard to leave her behind, in that room, alone. …See, Stephanie was the caregiver type. She was my caregiver as well as my second mom. She adored kids, always babysat for others, and would bring me along. Stephanie had the gift of making people feel important and valuable. She was great at hiding her pain. Stephanie was loving, kind, thoughtful, and fun. She was stubborn too. Stephanie was a talented writer and poet; writing was her outlet. And she was a beautiful and wonderful human being as well as a mother. She was my sister. Ever since I tragically lost my sister, Stephanie, I became an avid fan of Theresa and her show Long Island Medium. Stephanie was murdered by her husband in front of their four year old child on November 18, 2011. She was stolen from the people she loved and loved her. Given the circumstances from this horrific nightmare, I thought Theresa would be the only one to help me; until I found Deb, who has an amazing gift and is a beautiful gift herself. However, I’m sure Stephanie found her first, because I was brought to Deb through a phone reading the following night, my mother was brought to Deb for a face-to-face reading . I never mentioned to Deb that my mother was going to be there the next day, because her appointment was scheduled with Deborah, not Deb like mine; I researched both Boston Tea Room locations and found that there was a Deb as well as a Deborah. Although, the main reason was so we could see her talents for ourselves. Within the first five minutes of my mom’s reading, Deb knew she was talking to my sister again. First of all she read me the night before my mother set the appointment with her, I never told her my mother would or was going to make an appointment. My sister was able to tell Deb about the sweatshirt I was wearing , that belonged to my sister and a necklace I was holding on too around my neck, while on the phone with Deb. Deb was able to gently and respectfully take me through that horrible day, when my sister took her last breath and it was accurate. Deb was so clear and precise, I was crying and astonish at the same time. I knew this was my sister spirit and that she still was here. Because of Deb, I know that my sister is still here, in spirit, and I know that I can talk to her whenever I’d like to, thanks to Deb. Because of Deb, I am able to acknowledge and fully embrace Stephanie’s presence and the signs she gives me. Because of Deb, I know I’m not crazy when I hear Stephanie’s voice in my head. Because of Deb, I’ve been able to breathe more deeply and evenly. There clearly is a tenacious bond between Deb, and myself, my mother and most certainly with my sister. Deb is a part of our family and I love her dearly. Deb is truly an angel and I am beyond thankful for her.

~Sarah Gates


Hey Deborah

It was great seeing you while back at the shop. Just wanted to let you know how your gift has helped me on my life path. It has helped me realize how infinite spiritual life is. It’s comforting to know that loved one’s that have transitioned, never leave your side. When I first came to you 2-3 years ago I was so grief-stricken. You have helped me accept my Dad’s death, and learn how to communicate with him. It has truly been a blessing to meet someone like yourself that has such an amazing gift. I can’t say thank you enough. Thanks




It has been a pleasure to have known you for the past 2 years now. I not only come to for guidance, but to tell you what’s going on in life. I can honestly say I see you as a friend of my own and always look forward to visiting you. When I get a reading, it is amazing how spot on you can be about things. You have been blessed with a wonderful gift and I truly believe you are changing lives. Thank you for all that you do and listening to me go off on my crazy tangents. I would not be where I am today without you.

~Love, Becca


Hey Deb,

Soooooo, clearly, I loved you the day I met you. First of all, I was genuinely led to you. I came upon finding you in a pretty special way. I had been wanting to get a reading, journaled about it and had previously only gone once before in all my 29 years. I got in the car one day, and asked out loud to God to lead me to where I was suppose to go. Being new in Detroit, I quickly decided that that might be a bad idea, resulting in a lot of lost time on the highway. So, I typed ‘Teahouse, nine mile’ into my GPS, hoping to find a spot to grab a cup of tea. This is what lead me to the Boston Tea Room. I was on a trust journey, so I went with whomever had an available time that worked with my schedule, and that was you! And, oh…my… goodness, you have been such a blessing ever since! I truly watch your card pop up and I know it is the next time I should go see you. (It recently did, so I’m making an appointment when I get my schedule for next week:) Your biz card pops up randomly every few months, and something in me knows it is time to come see you. Your ability to read me from the moment I walk in is incredible. I remember coming to see you the second time, and the moment you saw me you asked me about my new job. The job I had been offered over the phone, literally ten minutes before I walked in. The first time I came to see you, you said there was a new man coming into my life, and he did. You’ve helped me understand relationships, have faith in my prosperity, and feel at ease with my future. I can’t wait to see you when it is time, and you’ve always delivered your gifts with so much love, how could I ever visit anyone else? One visit, my Grandpa came in, and the way you described his energy was spot on! You told me he wanted me to have his rosary, to keep it close so he can keep me safe. And he, himself, was holding one while visiting with us. A few weeks later, I asked my Grandma if she had his rosary still, and she said no. She said she buried him with it. My mom’s mouth and mine dropped. I couldn’t believe it! I explained what you had told me to my Grandma, and she was so touched. She loved that man with every ounce of her soul. A full decade just passed since he left this earth, and that was the perfect message of love for my Grandma… for all of us. My last visit, I was weighed down heavy with thoughts of a man and my business. The moment I sat down you said, ‘Ok, before we start, we need to talk about love and work’ I mean, come on, you’re amazing. There are many other messages and insights you have given me that have helped me out in so many ways. Being new to readings, for a minute, I was really confused how to use this information to empower myself. I almost wanted to control and mold my wants into my journey. But, now, I recognize what you do best for me, is love, hope, happiness, and patience. I feel more patient and excited about the future today, than I ever have. I understand that my choices today, can change the whole path to tomorrow. You help me make the best choices for myself, and have completely empowered me as a woman and entrepreneur. I believe in my ability to succeed, and I remember your words every time I let doubt snake it’s way into my mind.I can only imagine what you’ve done for others, Deborah. I tell all my friends and family about you, and want them all to come see you!!! Thank you for your service, and being such warmth to so many of us. I’ll always be so thankful for you in my life.

~Love always, Michelle


You have helped me by giving me guidance when I was desperately confused and lost. You shined light on everything I was to blind to see for myself.

~Emily Chandler


I feel blessed to have crossed paths with you. each time i have had a session with you I feel like a receive a lot of insight – and a handful of symbols that I get to try on, decipher, and keep myself alert for when they show up in my life. your readings are like a little map and I use with my inner compass. You can use that in your testimonials. thank you again for sharing your gift with me.

~Tina Renee Johnson