Policies and Ethics


When showing up for an appointment at my office, please proceed to my office suite, do not wait in the lobby, I will not come to the lobby to retrieve you unless, said so, after knocking at the office door.  I need to know you are here. 

Nor will I or my assistant will not be able to return any calls during my schedule. So I will not get your messages until the end of my day 7pm.  My assistant will return calls within 48 hours.  If you still haven’t had a call back, please email me at: deborahpsychicmedium@gmail.com.

If you are scheduled for a phone reading, please “note” when scheduling an appointment.  You are responsible for calling at your scheduled appointment time. You are welcome to turn your phone reading into a FaceTime or Skype or any source of video Reading, but please “note” it in your appointment.

If you are more than 10 min late, you must reschedule.  If you need to reschedule, please reschedule on line deborahpsychicmedium.com.  If you decide to show up later than your schedule  time instead of rescheduling, I will do the reading for the remaining time, that’s left but you will be charged FULL SESSION PRICE.

I do not take walk-ins, just check my online appointments for any cancelations

No splitting time, if you want to split the time, you must schedule on “Thirty Minute Thursdays”

Be aware that I am only required to give you an hour notice, if I need to reschedule your appointment with me.

I do not do Home Parties anymore, but you are welcome to schedule your group for a day in my office to do individual Readings. (Inquire within for pricing, at least 5 people for group readings)

If you want to book me to “Spotlight” at any Event or Business owned establishments, please contact my assistant at 248-318-3308.  I require a 200.00 sittings fee, deposit of 100.00 plus travel or driving fee, hotel expenses non negotiable) and the percentage of what is contracted. 

My Code of Ethics

When it comes to doing readings for my clients I always respect the advice of a physician, attorney, therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist and psychotherapist.  I actually work hand and hand with these professionals so I can recommend only the best for you to complete or assists  any life changing decisions. I am not an expert in any of these fields and therefore cannot give a professional assessment of your situation. I am simply here to be conduit of spirt to heal the souls of your human being.  I only give you the tools to think for yourself so that you may maneuver through life with a connection to Source.  You always have free will.  I am an advocate of privacy and confidentiality.  You do not have to put your full name when booking an appointment.  I will NEVER, release your personal information to anyone. I will never tell anyone you have referred to me, about our Reading together, no matter if they came with you to your appointed time.  I am honest and very LOYAL.  I will NEVER share your email information with anyone.  If you have recommend a referral to me, I will give you a referral fee discount on your next reading with me.  I do not suggest or give a time for you to come back to see me for an appointment, that is your free will and you will know when you will want to book appointment with me again.  I may go over in timing with our appointment but I will never charge you extra for that allotted time.  Every reading is done without bias towards race, gender, creed, color, or sexual orientation. Advice given during a reading is not meant to be positive or negative but insightful and mindful. How you choose to accept or deny any information is solely at your discretion. How you use the information given to you is also totally up to you. You are responsible for your own actions. I have the right to refuse any client or reading that I am not comfortable with and the client has that same right.