Angel and Oracle Readings

Angel/Oracle Card Readings are a way to connect with the beings that are all around us but that we do not necessarily sense or perceive in our everyday lives. These include angels, spirit guides, and loved ones who have passed. It is believed that all of us have angels and spirit guides and that they can be a positive guiding force in our lives, if we find a way to make the connection. This is the role of angel readings and angel card readings.

Angel/Oracle readings are typically very positive and inspiring, and aim to give you information for your highest good.
Angel /Oracle card decks are different from my Tarot card Readings in that there is no standard deck or standard set of symbols used for an angel card reading. Each card typically has an image and a message. The image may depict a specific angel and the message may speak to any area of your life, from money to fitness to romance to family, and so on. Or the message may relate to different emotions like love, anger, trust, or doubt that you may be experiencing